Cricut Cartridge Details Compiled in One List

When we first decided to take the different Cricut Card Projects we completed and produce our custom Cricut Card Kits, we thought it might be helpful to go through all the various cricut cartridges we had at our disposal. In doing so, we came up with a list of cricut cartridges that we own and have used in our cricut card making projects. Since we took the time to compile this list, we thought it may be useful information to display for your perusal. We’re not sure but we haven’t really seen a list like this all in one place that has all the cricut cartridge details describing each cartridge and what it contains, so we hope you appreciate it.

Having posted this list, we want to convey that we welcome all your comments directed towards determining what kind of cricut card making kits you might like to have us send you next? More specifically, which kind of card would you like to make based on anything we have in this list?

Ultimately, the feedback we get can let us know what our customers want so we can best schedule the creation of our future Cricut Card Kits.  Here is the list and once again, we hope you enjoy!

Cricut Walk in My Garden Cartridge

– If you like flowers and gardening, then this is the cartridge for you.  Included in this cartridge are shapes of flowers vases, pots, wheel barrels, bees, lady bugs, butterflies, dragonflies, watering can, gardening tools  NOTE: This cartridge is used in our Easter Card Kit

Cricut Christmas Cheer Cartridge

– Christmas is such a fun time of year. With this cartridge you can make tags and place cards with fun shapes like ornaments, sleighs, reindeer, tees, candy canes, penguins, fireplace, stockings, snowflakes

Cricut Fabulous Finds Cartridge

– To me personally, this is a different kind of cartridge.  You can make folders, albums, tri fold albums, gift card holder, hinges, tabs, luggage tags, paper clips, sliders, charms

Cricut Opposites Attract Cartridge

– This is a font cartridge with script lettering and also regular – there are only letters, numbers, symbols and some words such as you, joy, thanks, many, love, the, and, to, from.  There are not many shapes on this cartridge at all.  I found an oval, trapezoid, stickpin with a heart on top

Cricut Stretch your Imagination Cartridge

- This is a fun cartridge.  There is a normal looking size of an image and also a stretched size.  Images include:   ice cream cone, watermelon slice, bicycle, tree, turkey, bus, baby carriage, bird house, flower in flower pot, caterpillar, bride & groom, champagne glasses, bunny, basket

Disney Happily Ever After Cricut Cartridge

– If there is a Princess or want to be Princess in your life then this is the cartridge you will love.  There are a lot of different images of Cinderella, with different looks with gown, just her face, the mice , fairy godmother, carriage, with prince charming, glass slipper, castle – Then there is Sleeping Beauty & Aurora, Snow White and the seven dwarfs – Mulan and Mushu – really cute image of owl, butterflies, rose, scissors, needle and thread, watering can

Cricut Stand and Salute Cartridge

– I am so happy that this cartridge was made.  So many of our fellow crafters have people in there lives that are in the Military.  These shapes make you proud to me an American.  They consist of:  American flag, United States, Statue of Liberty, Soldiers, logos of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, Liberty bell, American Eagle, jeep, submarine, fighter planes, tanks, metals of honor, cannon, and great phrases such as USA, United We Stand, United States of America, Freedom, American Pride, Anchors aweigh, Honor, My Hero, Welcome Home Soldier, Support our Troops, with Liberty and Justice for all, Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, 4th of July, Life, Liberty, pursuit o happiness, God Bless America (function keys: note cards, dog tags, frame, borders)

Cricut Designer’s Calendar Cartridge

– This is a great cartridge if you want to display a specific month and day or even make your own calendar.  This cartridge contains:  Days of the week, Months, numbers, calendar grid, holidays – new years day, valentines day, martin luther king, earth day, Chinese new years, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, – they also have, doctors appointment, summer vacation, school starts, play date, sleepover, concert, game night, due date, dentist, meeting, Wedding, anniversary..

Cricut Snow Friends Seasonal Cartridge

– This is a really cute Solution cartridge of: 10 snow people with clothes for each.  Just because there are only 10 does not mean you can not cut them in all different sizes.

Cricut Tags, Bags, Boxes, & More Cartridge

– Just that the name says you can make, purses, heart bags, square boxes, match box, door hangers, flower tags, heart shaped box, flower shaped box, crayon box…

Cricut From My Kitchen Cartridge

– If you like to cook or for that matter eat, then this cartridge is a must.  There is everything that you would find in a kitchen, refrigerator, oven, mixer, blender, toaster, tea pot, coffee pot, pots, pans, knives, forks, spoons, plats, canisters, rolling pin, colander, apron, baking tins, martini, cupcakes, cake, slice of cake, loaf of bread, pie, lobster, steak, corn on the bob, pig, cow, lamb, rooster ginger bread man, recipe cards…

Cricut Winter Woodland Cartridge

– Personally I think this cartridge looks like it is a traditional/Victorian touch to it.  Shapes such as, ice skates, skis, sleigh, horse, reindeer, rabbit, squirrels, birds, evergreen trees, branches, poinsettia, holly leaves, snowman, then also on this cartridge you can make a 3D village totally cool!

Cricut Cuttin’ Up Cartridge

– This is a font cartridge that to me is chunky there are also some images and phrases such as: party time with a party hat,  wedding shower, wedding cake, baby shower with rattle, best wishes with flower, lets party with a martini glass and olives on a toothpick, thanks a million with the shape of a dollar bill, you’re the best with a blue ribbon award

Cricut Home Accents Solutions Cartridge

– My opinion of this cartridge is whimsical with images of beautiful butterflies, hummingbirds, lacey corner scrolls, inside of an apple, pear, frames, borders, leaves, and some words such as welcome, imagine, dream, home, family, inspire, faith, grow, love, live laugh

Disney Pooh and Friends Cricut Cartridge

– If you like Winnie the Pooh like I do, then you need this cartridge.  Images of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Rabbit, Owl, Gopher, Tree house, honey pot and really cute accessories to go along with the character.

Cricut Joys of the Season Cartridge

– I personally love this cartridge because of the12 days of Christmas with the images and words, along with other  images of Santa, sleighs, mittens, mug, polar bear, angel blowing a horn, fireplace, pillar candle, rocking horse, soldier, train set, snowflakes, ornaments, wreaths,  pine cones, holly, garland, star of david, dradel, menorah,

Cricut Wild Card Cartridge

– If you are a card maker then you will enjoy this cartridge.  There are fun shaped cards, not your traditional rectangle looking card.  Shapes include:  graduation cap, cupcake, diaper pin, baby carriage, present, owl, telephone, heart, band aid, flower, star, house, 3 tiered cake, pumpkin, monster, ornament, and so much more all with matching really fun envelopes  NOTE: This cartridge is used in our Graduation Invitation Kit

Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut Cartridge

– If you love Hello Kitty then you are going to love this cartridge.  Some of the images include the Hello Kitty face, Hello Kitty holding a flower, with a bear, cheerleader, holding a bunch of balloons, in bed, holding a heart, holding an umbrella, graduation kitty with cap, gown & diploma, driving a car, flying a plane, in a Halloween costume, in a Christmas elf outfit,  then fun shapes of cherries, strawberries, flowers, Christmas trees, snowman, rainbow, school books, luggage, jack-o-lantern

Cricut Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge

– This is a font cartridge that is your basic lettering, with some basic shapes, circle, square, rectangles, zigzag border, grass border, city skyline border NOTE: This cartridge is used in our Easter Card Kit We also used it in conjunction with the Cricut Gypsy for our Graduation Invitation Kits

Cricut Love Struck Seasonal Cartridge

-  This seasonal cartridge is fantastic if you are looking for lacey hearts,  cupid, lips, rose, heart w/wings candy hearts w/sayings, 3D mailbox, heart mobile…

Cricut Home Décor Solutions Cartridge

– I like this cartridge for its not childlike look, it is a classy look.  There are shapes of chandelier, crowns for kings and queens, flowers, birds, butterfly, lady big, dragon fly, branches, leaves, hearts, stars, words such as memories, simplify, hope, miracle, create, love, forever, explore, adore, beautiful

Cricut Christmas Solutions Cartridge

- Even though this is a fun Christmas themed cartridge it has an traditional look to it.  Some of the images are of St Nick, filigree Christmas ornaments, train set, angels, wreaths, trees, lamp post, snowflakes, reindeer…

Cricut Jasmine Cartridge

- This is another font cartridge that has script and italic letters, numbers and symbols.  Some words and phrases such as I love you, many thanks, warm wishes, my friend, with sympathy, seasons greetings…

Cricut Life is a Beach Cartridge

– If you like the beach, or the islands then this cartridge will put you on a vacation having fun in the sun.  Shapes on this cartridge include:  Tiki alphabet, exotic tropical flowers, palm trees, waves, sun, flamingo, sea divers, fish, tropical drinks, geckos, sea horses, sand castles, bikini, swim trunks, flip flops, sea shells, dolphins, whales, treasure chest, cruise ship, light house, lounge Adirondack chair, life guard chair, hang loose sign, crabs, pelicans, sail boats (function key:  cards, charms, borer, photo cards), and some great beach phrases and words

Cricut Don Juan Cartridge

– This is a font cartridge that can be fun.  You an make letters into puzzle pieces, have the letters look stitched, phrases like, You did it!, Hoo Ray For You, Just Because, Thinking of you with a cup of tea attached, oh happy day with the O in Oh has a smiley face, thanks, you & me…

Cricut Celebrations Cartridge

– This cartridge has fun shaped numbers, balloons, candles, cakes, cupcakes, party hats, horn blowers, crown, presents, cat with a party hat, dog with a party hat, vase of flowers (function keys: tag, banner, card, border)

Cricut Mini Monograms Cartridge

– This too is a font cartridge but really fun to make monograms there are letters that are stitched, dots, framed, letters only with square, round and scalloped shapes to layer the letters on also you can make tags, sliders

Cricut George and Basic Shapes Cartridge

– The title says it all the font on this cartridge is what can I say “skinny” you can shadow each letter or blackout for a thicker shape.  The cool function is that you can make the letters on a stick sign, charm or even a slotted shape for ribbon to go threw.  The shapes are pretty basic hearts, blurb shapes, circle, oval, square, octagon, triangle, and also some saying such as Way to go, Thinking of you, It’s your day, for you, I heart you…

Cricut Basketball Solutions Cartridge

– This cartridge has boys and girls playing basketball with images of different shots, of the court, balls, jerseys, shorts, sneakers, basket hoop, backboard, words such as slam dunk, dribble, nothing but the net, alley oop, point guard, shooting guard, power forward, center…

Cricut Doodlecharms Cartridge

– This cartridge is packed with so many fun shapes Some images are of snowmen, snow flakes, empty snow globes to be filled with whatever shape that you like, bunny, basket, bumble bee, dragon fly, jar, popsicles, watermelon slice, sand castle, sea horse, palm tree, baby face, bird, teddy bear, baby bottle, ice cream cone, cupcake, present, dog face, cat face, mouse, car, daddy long leg spider, candy, bag, reindeer, Santa, stocking… NOTE: This cartridge is used in our Easter Card Kit

Cricut Animal Kingdom Cartridge

– If you are looking for animals than you need to look no further.  This fun cartridge with images of the full shaped animal, just the head, sounds that the animal makes, borders, bookmarks and animals are horse, pig, cow, goat, duck, lamb, rooster, turkey, birds, bear, deer, elk, skunk, raccoon, owl, squirrel, camel, elephant rhino, gorilla, giraffe, kangaroo, monkey, cat dog, seal, lion, penguin, snake, alligator, turtle, fish, parrot, mouse, frog…

Cricut Tear Drop Cartridge

– This is another font cartridge that the letters seem to have rounded edges.  Some shapes include: butterflies, balloons, words with shapes attached like Birthday with a balloon attached to the t and Party with the balloon attached to the y, Congrats with a graduation cap attaches on the top…

Cricut Beyond Birthdays Cartridge

– Cool images and phrases such as, bravo, hello friend, merci, gracias, you warm my heart, my friend, hello friend, it’s a boy, it’s a girl, you’re invited, get well soon, laugh often, hi there, happy holidays, season’s greetings, we’ve moved, bon voyage, I am so sorry, I love you, hugs to you, love, blessings to you – images of boy, girl, flowers,  heart, kite, cup and saucer, dove…

Once again your feedback is welcome and we look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. lisa on Wed, 25th Jan 2012 1:54 pm 

    Thank you!!!! Save a lot of time found the cartridges I need to buy to do my project

  2. Suzy on Thu, 28th Jun 2012 3:56 am 

    Thanks for the list very helpful. I have most of the cartridges you mentioned but some you can’t purchase like Plantin & Don juaun they came with certain machines and I don’t think they can be purchased.

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